Optical Instrumentation: TUBES progress report 1

Dear students,

In this moment, I’d like you to report the first progress report of TUBES regarding the components purchasing and problem facing during implementation. You may make your own logbook style but usually include information as follows:

  1. Your logbook should contain sufficient background information to make clear the “physics” being addressed in the experiment.
  2. Your logbook should contain sufficient information to show how the planned experiment will work to answer the objectives.
  3. The logbook should contain detailed information on the tests performed.
  4. The data are recorded directly into the logbook, and preliminary analysis should be done in the logbook ASAP (as soon as possible), to make sure the experiment is working according to the design.
  5. When you are satisfied that sufficient, good quality data have been acquired, the detailed analysis can be done, including a rigorous analysis of the errors.

For further information on LOGBOOK, you may find it on http://www.cysf.org/forms/logbooks.pdf.

Standard report organization of experiment, generally it comprises some aspects of:

  1. Introduction
  2. Apparatus and Techniques:
    • Descriptions of all apparatus and instrumentation, and how used, along with…
    • Labeled, dimensioned diagrams or photos of key apparatus and instrumentation, and…
    • Uncertainty estimates for all primary measurements.
  3. Results and Discussion:
    • Presentation of results in figures, tables
    • Description of axes, scales, units, analysis procedures
    • Presentation of uncertainties in results (details of uncertainty calculations required but it is usually best to put these in as an appendix)
    • Description of what’s in the plots, tables, uncertainty estimates (how the results vary)
    • Description of what it means
    • Conclusions you can draw from the results
  4. Conclusions,
    • Short summary of what was done.
    • Numbered statements summarizing what was learned
    • Should not present any new material. E.g. numbered conclusions are most often near repetition of statements elsewhere in report.
  5. and also
    • References
    • Appendix(es)
    • Figures

For first report progress, please record components purchase, component’s specification, and so on and of course some other works that you have done, on your logbook. Upload  the logbook on your blog instead of your presence today, Tuesday 24 November 2015.


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