Hi… New Students of Advanced Optical Communications


This is the week 3 of this semester. I am happy to meet you, even though you’re so small in number. But this is not a matter, since small is beautiful, small in number is easier to be controlled. The important thing is how high you can leverage your competence in joining this class. There should a delta between entering and leaving this class. The leverage level is integration of the deltas, actually. Beside leverage hard-skills,  you will be enjoy some soft-skills training, such as discipline, internationally environment, broaden your view in many cases,  presentation and communication skill, reading and writing skill, networking, and many other soft-skill types. one of them is giving something to other who need our help. So giving is helping, giving is receiving. By giving is you will receive happiness. Therefore, I would like you to give your knowledge, to share your knowledge by uploading your presentation files or paper references onto your blogs. This activities will increase traffics of knowledge sharing. Truly, it’s a kind of  good deeds.  So please, inform your blog addresses in comment of this post. Thank you for attention and participation.

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