UTS assignment

Dear Students of TT-35 G1 and TT-35 G2,

The UTS schedule of Komunikasi Optik Lanjut will be on Saturday, 18 Oct 2014, at 10.15- 12.15.  We won’t to give you such a conventional testing material.  Instead of it, you should make a resumed of presented papers that are made by  your own words.  Even though the presentation is done in a group, each member of the group must do the assignment individually and uniquely.  The number of pages is not determined. You may write in a good Bahasa Indonesia or in English.

The paper template may be accessed at the following addresses:



Because of  your writing are following some references, you must know the right  way to cite them, otherwise you do such plagiarism. Plagiarism is breaking the law, so do the similar content, and they will be punished.  Do your work creatively and honestly.


The paper must be submitted on the same day by the end of UTS scheduled time at LAAK, Build. N  Fl 1.

Wish you do your best one.



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