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A. Engineering books

  1. Handbook Optical Fibers, Cables and Systems by ITU, T-HDB-OUT.10-2009-1-PDF-E (10 March 2014).
  2. automation-and-robotics (10 May 2014)
  3. communications-industrial-networking-and-tcpip (10 May 2014)
  4. A Handbook on Internet Protocol (IP)-Based Networks and Related Topics and Issues: D-HDB-IP-2005-PDF-E (12 May 2014)
  5. The Essential Report on IP Telephony: D-HDB-IPT-2004-R1-PDF-E (12 May 2014)


B. Enhancing selfskill books

  1. Careering ahead: Getting by, getting on, getting ahead? Just click careering-ahead (10 March 2014)
  2. Communicating with Technology: A Guide for Professional Digital Interactions? Click communicating-with-technology (10 March 2014)
  3. Goal Setting for Success: Click goal-setting-for-success (13 April 2014)
  4. A kind of soc-med utilization : using-social-media-for-personal-gain  (20 April 2014)
  5. It’s how to use Linkln:  linkedinformed (20 April 2014)
  6. It’s important for conference’s speakers: presenting-at-conferences (20 April 2014)
  7. customer-care (3 April 2018)


C. Standards and Regulations

  1.  Wireless-LAN standard: IEEE 802.11-2007 (13 April 2014)
  2. WiMAX standard family: IEEE802.16-2004IEEE802.16.2-2004,  IEEE802.16f-2005IEEE802.16_Conformance01-2003, IEEE802.16_Conformance02-2003 , IEEE802.16_Conformance03-2004, IEEE802.16_Conformance04-2006, IEEE802.16e-2005, IEEE802.16k-2007
  3. XGPON: G.987: 10-Gigabit-capable passive optical network (XG-PON) systems: Definitions, abbreviations and acronyms just click T-REC-G.987-201206-I!!PDF-E ;  G.987.1: 10-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (XG-PON): General requirements just click T-REC-G.987.1-201001-I!!PDF-E; G.987.2: 10-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (XG-PON): Physical media dependent (PMD) layer specification just click T-REC-G.987.2-201010-I!!PDF-E; G.987.3: 10-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (XG-PON): Transmission convergence (TC) layer specification limited access just summary available on http://www.itu.int/dms_pubrec/itu-t/rec/g/T-REC-G.987.3-201401-P!!SUM-HTM-E.htm; G.987.4: 10-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (XG-PON): Reach extension just click T-REC-G.987.4-201206-I!!PDF-E
  4. Telco regulation: D-REG-TRH.01-2011-PDF-E (10 May 2014)
  5. Summary of Trends Telecommunication Reform 2013: D-REG-TTR.14-2013-SUM-PDF-E (10 May 2014)
  6. Trends Telecommunication Reform Special Edition 4th Generation Regulation: Driving Digital Communication Ahead: D-REG-TTR.15-2014-PDF-E (10 May 2014)
  7. Summary of Trends Telecommunication Reform 2012: Smart Regulation for Broadband World–D-REG-TTR.13-2012-SUM-PDF-E (10 May 2014)
  8. Summary of Trends Telecommunication Reform 2010/2011: Enabling Tomorrow’s Digital World —D-REG-TTR.12-2010-SUM-PDF-E (10 May 2014)
  9. Summary of Trends Telecommunication Reform 2009: Hands-on or Hands-off? Stimulating Growth through effective ICT regulation–D-REG-TTR.11-2009-SUM-PDF-E (10 May 2014)
  10. Study group recommendation ITU-T D19: D-REC-D.19-201003-I!!PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  11. Final report ITU-D SG-1 : Implementation of Universal Access to Broadband Services : D-STG-SG01.07.3-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  12. Final report ITU-D SG-1: The Impact of Licensing and Authorization Regime and other Relevant Regulatory Measures on Competition in a Converged Telecommunication/ICT Environment: D-STG-SG01.10.3-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  13. Final report ITU-D SG-1: Tariff Policies, Tariff Models, and Model of Determining the cost of Services on National Telecommunication Networks, including NGN —D-STG-SG01.12.3-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  14. Final report ITU-D SG-1: Enforcing National Policies and Regulation on Consumer protection Notably in a Converging Environment–D-STG-SG01.18.2-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  15. Final report ITU-D SG-1: Implementation of IP telecommunicationservices in developing countries —D-STG-SG01.19.2-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  16. Final report ITU-D SG-1: Access to telecommunication services and information and communicationtechnologies (ICTs) by persons with disabilities–D-STG-SG01.20.1-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  17. Final report ITU-D SG-1: Securing information and communicationnetworks: best practices for developing aculture of cybersecurity–D-STG-SG01.22.1-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  18. Final report ITU-D SG-1: Strategies and policies concerning humanexposure to electromagnetic fields–D-STG-SG01.23-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  19. Final report ITU-D SG-1:Strategies and policies for theproper disposal or reuse oftelecommunication/ICT waste material D-STG-SG01.24-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  20. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Identification of study topics in the ITU-T and ITU-R study groups which are of particular interest to developing countries–D-STG-SG02.09.3.2-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  21. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Telecommunications/ICTs for rural and remote areas —D-STG-SG02.10.3-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  22. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Examination of terrestrial digital sound and television broadcasting technologies andsystems, interoperability of digital terrestrialsystems with existing analogue networks, and strategies and methods of migrationfrom analogue terrestrial techniques to digital techniques —D-STG-SG02.11.3-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  23. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Information and telecommunications/ICTs for e-Health —D-STG-SG02.14.3-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  24. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Progress on e-government activities and identification of areas of application of e-government for the benefit of developing countries–D-STG-SG02.17.3-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  25. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Utilization of telecommunications/ICTs for disaster preparedness, mitigation and response–D-STG-SG02.22.1-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  26. Final report ITU-D SG-2: ICT and climate change — D-STG-SG02.24-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  27. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Access technology for broadband telecommunications including IMT, for developing countries —D-STG-SG02.25-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  28. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Migration from existing networks to next-generation networks for developing countries: technical, regulatory and policy aspects–D-STG-SG02.26-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  29. Final report ITU-D SG-2: Participation of countries, particularly developing countries, in spectrum management —D-STG-SG02.RES09.1-2014-PDF-E (11 May 2014)
  30. ITU-R Radio Communications Study Groups catalogs: R-GEN-SGB-2013-PDF-E (12 May 2014)
  31. ITU-R Radio Communications and Climate Change: R-GEN-CLC-2012-PDF-E (12 May 2014)
  32. ITU-R Radio Communications Committed to Connecting the World: R-GEN-OVW-2014-PDF-E (12 May 2014)
  33. Model ICT accessibility policy report, D-PHCB-SIS_A.01-2014-PDF-E (3 April 2018)
  34. Making mobile phones and services accessible for persons with disabilities, D-PHCB-SIS_A.02-2012-PDF-E (3 April 2018)
  35. Making Television Accessible, D-PHCB-SIS_A.03-2011-PDF-E (3 April 2018)
  36. Assignment and use of radio spectrum – policy guidelines and economic aspects, D-PREF-EF.RAD_SPEC_GUIDE-2016-PDF-E (3 April 2018)
  37. WSIS STOCKTAKING REPORT IN AFRICA:  2014 – 2016, S-POL-WSIS.REP_REG_AFR-2016-PDF-E (3 April 2018)
  40. ITU-T Focus Group on Aviation Applications of Cloud Computing for Flight Data Monitoring, T-FG-AC-2016-5-PDF-E (3 April 2018)


D. Environment books


E. Other books

  1. Village Phone Direct Manual: Enabling microfinance institutions to bring affordable communication services to the poor: D-HDB-VPD-2007-R1-PDF-E (12 May 2014)
  2. National e-Strategies for Development: Global Status and Perspectives 2010–D-HDB-GSP-2010-1-PDF-E  (12 May 2014)
  3. The State of Broadband 2015 : S-POL-BROADBAND.13-2015-PDF-E (1) (02 Oct 2015)
  4. Understanding Cybercrime: D-STR-CYB_CRIME-2015-PDF-E (1) (02 Oct 2015)
  5. Trends in tech MSMEs and startup support: S-GEN-MSMES-2016-PDF-E (3 April 2018)
  6. A review of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the ICT Sector 2016, S-GEN-EMERGE.01-2016-PDF-E (3 April 2018)
  7. Broadband access technologies, including IMT for developing countries: Final Report, D-STG-SG01.02.1-2017-PDF-E
  8. Access to cloud computing: Challenges and opportunities for developing countries: Final Report, D-STG-SG01.03.1-2017-PDF-E
  9. Economic policies and methods of determining the costs of services related to national telecommunication/ICT networks, including next‐generation networks: Final Report, D-STG-SG01.04.1-2017-PDF-E
  10. Consumer information, protection and rights: Laws, regulation, economic bases, consumer networks: Final Report, D-STG-SG01.06.3-2017-PDF-E
  11. Access to telecommunications/ICT services by persons with disabilities and with specific needs: Final Report, D-STG-SG01.07.4-2017-PDF-E
  12. Examination of strategies and methods of migration from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting and implementation of new services: Final Report, D-STG-SG01.08.1-2017-PDF-E

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