Advanced Optical Comm: TUBES preparation

Dearest students,

This post is listing your next paper for TUBES in order to avoid similarity topics among student in this class. You may change the listed topic until you state it that you continue to work on the Optisys.

Thank you and good luck.

7 thoughts on “Advanced Optical Comm: TUBES preparation”

    1. The Application of OptiSystem in Optical Fiber
      Communication Experiment

      Grup 5 :

      Kirbi Timur Nomas 1101124335
      Defrandi Renanda H 1101120129
      Andrianus franky 1101110050
      Jordi Hasianto N 1101110159

  1. Group 9
    The Characterization of Radio-over-Fiber Employed GPON Architecture for Wireless Distribution Network

  2. Group 7
    Analisi lambda baru pada DWDM di jaringan backbone link sukoharjo-purwokerto 1 GE
    Group members:
    1. Aidil afdan pananrang
    2. Faris Bayu Azanto
    3. M. Elio Vica

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