Advance Optical Comm submission info

Dear students,

I have received the Radio over Fiber resumes from the students as follows :

1. Zuchra Latifah (On time)

2. Haeri Dayanti (On time)

3. Moh Vita Nur Adhitya (On time)

4. Muhammad Iqbal Imaduddin (On time)

5. Ariq Naufal (On time)

6. Ilham Zaenuri (On time)

7. Ryan Anggara (On time)

8. Rizal Erwin Irwansyah (Submitted on Thursday)

9. Dion Saputra Parulian (Submitted on Thursday)

10.  Novialdy Nugroho Santoso (Submitted on Friday)

11. Dimas Adibuana (Submitted on Friday)

That’s all. Then I’ll put the names as the presence.


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